Home Rehabilitation Services of Michigan

Our Mission

top100-logo-graphicIt is the mission of Home Rehabilitation Services of Michigan (HRSM) to provide comprehensive Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech-Language Pathology services to the communities we serve in Michigan. Therapy services are provided in a professional manner and in accordance with Regulatory Standards, Code of Ethics and Practice Guidelines associated with our professions. HRSM is directed and managed by therapists. Through certified home health agencies, our skilled Physical, Occupational, and Speech-Language Pathology professionals provide superior treatment to our homebound patients. We equip our therapists with modern mobile technology allowing efficient communication and solid integration into any electronic medical record system. Family and caregiver education, focussing on safety and functional independence within the patient’s own home, is an integral component of our individualized treatment plans.


As therapists at HRSM, our ability to hire, train and manage skilled rehabilitation professionals sets us apart from other in-home contract therapy providers. We advance and deliver recovery, by matching our patients’ needs with our specialized therapy programs.


  • Provides Clinical Education and Advancement Opportunities for Employees
  • >Celebrates High Employee Retention Rates
  • Provides Evidence Based Practice
  • Maintains Clinical and Regulatory Compliance
  • Promotes Quality Patient Outcomes
  • Promotes Continuous Quality/Performance Improvement Activities

HRSM Clinical Programs:

  • Lymphedema Management
  • Dysphagia Management, including Vital Stimulation
  • Parkinson’s Management, including LSVT BIG and LOUD
  • Low Vision Specialists
  • Palliative Care Programs
  • Hospice Specialists
  • Fall Prevention Programs
  • Orthopedic Programs

Recent Events

Home Rehabilitation Services of Michigan (HRSM) recently participated in an employee engagement survey conducted by a third party, Workplace Dynamics. HRSM obtained a response rate of 70%; results were submitted anonymously on-line and compiled by Workplace Dynamics.

Employees rated HRSM above industry benchmarks in the following domains:

My Work: Expectations, formal training, negativity, work/life flexibility

My Pay: My pay is fair for the work I do

My Workplace: Well informed, appreciated, learn and grow

My Manager: Concerns, development, helpfulness

Alignment: Direction, values, ethics

Execution: Communication up, execution, ideas, inter-departmental cooperation

Connection: Appreciation, communication down, meaningfulness, potential

Employee tenure exceeded industry benchmarks in five of seven categories, including employees with tenure of 15 or more years, and employees with tenure of one to ten years.

A summary of employee comments from the Workplace Dynamic’s survey demonstrate HRSM’s greatest strengths:

  • Very cohesive staff and friendly environment
  • Flexible working schedule, teamwork
  • Freedom to balance family and work
  • Well organized and proactive, support/positive attitude to help from supervisors/office staff
  • Honest, fair, reliable, approachable, friendly, respectful
  • Timely follow-through, well informed, willing to help
  • Support employees with resources to be innovative
  • Managers listen to my concerns; receptive, responsive, knowledgeable, considerate
  • Open discussion, problem solving, performance improvement opportunities
  • Expanding referral base
  • Adherence to high standards in all aspects
  • Quality care

Please contact HRSM to discover how you can become a part of our highly motivated, dedicated and successful team of professionals.

Mary Hann, HRSM Senior Recruiter